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Warens & Partners Library is considered as most complete law firm collection and includes over thousand volumes and titles of legal research materials.


Our law librarians provide a full range of library services that includes maintaining legal rule and regulation database and research.


Warens & Partners takes a very aggressive approach to the use of technology and has taken dramatic steps to expand its capabilities.

Warens & Partners has a solid supporting team. Their contribution to the overall quality and efficiency also the key of our firm commitment in rendering the best services to the client that is highly appreciated by our clients. Secretaries and apprentices assist both lawyers and paralegals with their works. Our secretaries are assigned to two or three lawyers or paralegals and have valuable interpersonal, technology, and administrative skills and responsibilities. Our administrative, finance department are reliable to support the daily basis of our office operational.

About Us

WARENS & PARTNERS was established with a world-wide optimism to develop legal science and expertise in the present era of globalization. Within national scope, we exist by the strong desire with respect to the development of legal products inter alia banking law, corporate law, investment law, capital market law and also litigation.

WARENS & PARTNERS offer wide extent of professional legal services with prominent orientation on business and investment as well as intelligible advise thereof. The services to our client are involving practical business approaches, as well as high standards of legal expertise and knowledge. In relation with the wild race of business competition.

Experience You Can Trust

Discover unparalleled legal expertise at our distinguished law firm, where client success is our paramount focus. Elevate your legal representation with our firm’s extensive working experience.

Specialized Legal Services

Benefit from a diverse array of legal services tailored to meet your unique needs, delivered by our team of seasoned attorneys proficient in various practice areas.


Proven Track Record

Trust in our firm’s proven track record of successful case resolutions, backed by a history of delivering favorable outcomes for our clients.

Law Firm Practice Areas

Warens & Partners is a professional and prestigious law firm with all of the partners and associates are qualified to practice law in Indonesia, and to provide legal services for foreign and Indonesian clients on general corporate and commercial consulting practices.

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