WARENS & PARTNERS was established with a world-wide optimism to develop legal science and expertise in the present era of globalization. Within national scope, we exist by the strong desire with respect to the development of legal products inter alia banking law, corporate law, investment law, capital market law and also litigation .

    WARENS & PARTNERS offer wide extent of professional legal services with prominent orientation on business and investment as well as intelligible advise thereof. The services to our client are involving practical business approaches, as well as high standards of legal expertise and knowledge. In relation with the wild race of business competition.

    WARENS & PARTNERS continually developing our expertise to meet any new demands and requirements of the nature of our individual client's business so that we may render the best services to support our client's business requirement from time to time. This advancement is enabled by paying close attention to the nature, operational areas and perception of actual issues of our client's business. WARENS & PARTNERS determined to maintain the highest level of our client's trust by offering maximum value and superior services in every aspect of our operations.

    WARENS & PARTNERS is a qualified and licensed law firm to practice legal affairs in Indonesia, to provide legal services, to represent foreign and Indonesian clients on general corporate and commercial consulting practices with the emphasis on investment, finance and corporate transactions, and litigation practices.

Warens & Partners. Hak Cipta Dilindungi Oleh Undang-undang.